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February 2013


Oh Varanasi

Perched up in my rooftop safe haven. This is my favorite place in Varanasi thus far. 6 stories high, shady, with a light breeze, glass front and open on 2 sides. Ahhh...the light wind makes my hair dance and tickle my face. Praise music in the background, tabla, and singing...horns honking faintly in the distance... amazing view of the Ganga. Boats, blessings, beautiful smiles... Babas dressed all in orange. Dreads that touch the ground, hearts that spread to infinity... tapped into something so deep. Giggly bliss, eyes that see into my soul, love that brings me to tears. Long gazes, hearts connecting, gratitude, reverence, respect... mutual. Beyond words, beyond worlds, ever expanding, opening, softening, ... receptivity. Language barrier offering the gift of non-verbal communication, energetic exchange, soul to soul. Overwhelmed... blissed and blazed beyond belief. I love India.


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