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Bun in the Oven, Pea in the Pod, One on the Way...

Bun in the oven, pea in the pod, one on the way, kangaroo in the pouch, dynamite in the sack ........ knocked up, up the duff, up the spout, with child, the seed is planted, on the nest, and in the family way. In a delicate condition, on stork watch, having a good understanding of the birds and the bees, hello responsibility, good bye restful nights, riding the baby train, the aftereffects of doin' the dance without pants. Multiplying, manufacturing a human, hosting a parasite, fetus haulin', and (my personal fave) harboring a fugitive. Expecting, eating for two, embarazada, ready to pop, baby on board, and swallowing a watermelon. Parturient, PG, preggers, pregnant, preggerific, ... our eggo is preggo....

.....yep,..... if you haven't figured it out yet, ....... WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! Woot woot!!! :)
14 weeks now... Due sometime mid September :)

ha ha...
the start of a baby bump :)

So,... to go back a bit,... I haven't done a blog in quite some time,... so I figured I'd just do a photo blog this time. We spent the last few months travelling back through India, re-visiting Varanasi, finally seeing the Taj Mahal, exploring the Rajasthan area, and now chilling on a tropical beach in south Thailand. Surreal to think that after 15 months of travel, we will be back stateside in 4 weeks!!! Wow. Enjoy and we send our love!!

Ahhh... Varanasi at night... so peaceful
Varanasi during the day :) Crazy traffic
veggie vendor carting his good to his selling spot for the day
the raw realness of India
So many cheeky monkeys in Varanasi... have to keep bars on the doors and windows so they don't come in and steal our fruit.
puja ceremonies nightly
the barber shop
still trying to clean up the ghats after the flooding brought in so much mud from the Ganga. Assi Ghat
Colin buying his new set of tabla drums in Varanasi (musical capital of India) Learning how they make them.
kite festival in Varanasi... Colin learning how to kite fight with the local pros
trying on my new sari :)

THE MANY FACES OF COLIN: Time came for Colin to shave the mountain man beard and downsize to the waxed, curled mustache of Rajasthan (in which Colin had been growing his mustache out for in preparation for a year. Exciting times. :) )
final product :)
not quite to these standards yet,... but Colin got soooo much attention from the local men in Rajasthan about his mustache. Almost all men in the Rajasthan area have long mustaches and wear huge turbans and they really appreciated this hugely tall white man looking very indian. They all smiled so big and praised him saying he was a "Rajasthani man" and came and twisted his beard, gave hugs, and did the whole man to man connection thing. Colin was loving all the attention and took countless photos with the locals. Good times, great memories.
making friends :)
In Pushkar, a musician friend that we made. He and Colin were all smiles and laughs for a week until it was photo time. I wanted to take a photo of his smile in particular. He was great. Such a sweet spirited man with a beautiful smile that lit up the room. Old worn clothes that he'd had for probably 25 years, a bright colored turban, curled mustache, big brown toothed smile with a DIAMOND embedded in his front tooth!!! Oh man, it was perfect, but couldn't get him to smile for the photo. Oh well,... I have it in my memory.
more mustache love... note that Colin is on one knee
trying on gypsy skirts :)
Pushkar... beautiful
Pushkar lake
"we" were going to take cooking classes, but nausea kept me from participating,... but Colin had a blast! Aloo Mutter paneer sauce...mmmm...
our favorite dinner perch... Udaipur sunset restaurant... 8th floor rooftop.
Ahhhhh.... Agra. Taj Mahal. After being in India for a year... figured it was time to go see the Taj. Stunning.
everything made of marble
I love this photo... turned out so good. :)

After nearly 15 months of travel through India and Nepal, ... we've arrived in a tropical paradise to spend the rest of our travel time!! Ahhhhh... Thailand... we love it here so much. India was a bit tough the last month for me being pregnant and all, so we were thrilled to finally make it to "chill" at the beach for a few months before heading home.

Yay!!! Beach in Thailand!!!! Finally!!

Pad Thai, red curry and spring rolls. Mangoes, pineapples, and fresh coconuts. Aquamarine water, white silky sand, and palm trees. Butterflies, blooming flowers, lush forest green,... creating a safe womb of privacy and life around us,...mirroring the inside process. Abundance, gratitude, and sunshine. Birds chirping, chimes ringing, leaves rustling, reading books with the breeze blowing. Stories of snow showers stateside, while watching warm colorful sunsets on the beach....gratitude. Taking in the sun, vitamin D, exposing my body to the air for the first time in a year,... tan lines... wow. Sand drawings, food art, naked babies laughing and playing, fresh air. Yoga, health, growth, ...assimilation, relaxation, rejuvenation. Excitement, anticipation, cycle of life... the witness.

the first place we stayed ... just a few days, before we found our home.
Home!!!! A sweet, artsy little bungalow tucked away in the forest, but only 30 seconds walk from the beach. Wow.
2 stories... bottom level kitchen, deck, and hangout spot/Colin's tabla drumming nook. Colin's been drumming everyday for atleast 3-4 hours. He's hooked!! And really good! He even played at the bajhans one week. He's in month 3 of a yoga school here too, which keeps him happy and busy. :)
And we have a kitchen!!!! After being on the road for so long,... it has been so nice to have a kitchen and do some cooking!!!!!
ha ha... I've been craving mexican food for months!!! Yum!!!
me after eating :)
fruit art
No more mustache... we're at the beach!! I have to admit... I'm happy it's gone... :)
caught with my mouth full
homemade veggie sushi!! yum!!!

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